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Levels Of Hospice Care

After all the medical treatments, procedures and efforts are provided, sometimes cure is still not possible. At this time, the physician may recommend hospice care to provide comfort measures during the decline in health condition.

Americade Palliative Health Services, Inc. is aimed to promote the quality of life in the remaining days. With the collaboration of the interdisciplinary team we formulate a plan of care focusing on the physical, emotional and spiritual comfort of the patient and their loved ones.

Hospice Care is aimed to provide the highest level of comfort thru pain and symptom management. It is focused on preparing the patient and their loved ones for end of life care.

Americade Palliative Health Services, Inc. is equipped to provide care for all four levels of care:

Routine Hospice Care:

- Care provided in the member’s home, which may include any of the services previously identified in the agency policy, when the care is related to the terminal diagnosis and included in the plan of care for the member. Routine Hospice Home Care may be provided in a private residence, a hospice residential care facility, a nursing facility, or an adult care home.

Continuous Care:

- Care consisting primarily of nursing care and provided on a continuous basis at home, during brief periods of crisis and only as necessary to maintain the member at home. Continuous Hospice Home Care may include services provided by a registered nurse (RN), licensed vocational nurse (LVN) and home health aide or homemaker.

Respite Care:

- Short-term inpatient respite hospice care, only when provided in a contracted nursing home, when necessary to relieve family members or other primary caregivers. Inpatient Respite Hospice Care is limited to 5 consecutive days per episode.

- This type of care is provided to offer relief and rest to caregivers who provide care to the hospice patient. Respite care allows caregivers this relief by providing a trained worker to be with the patient when the caregivers need a break from the caregiving duties. This helps caregivers avoid burnout, stress and fatigue.

General In-Patient Care:

- General inpatient care, under the hospice benefit is a short-term care provided in a contracted nursing home, specifically for pain control and symptom relief which is related to the terminal diagnosis and cannot be managed in the home hospice setting. The goal is to stabilize the member and return him/her to the home environment.

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